Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hello Again

To say I've taken a slight hiatus from blog writing is an understatement. And I've really missed blogging! I'm not sure why I struggled so much the past few months to carve out some blog time, but this semester was a lot busier and required a lot more work than the last and I think that had a lot to do with it. Happily, this semester is slowing down (only two classes left!) and I am really, really hoping to find more time to write.

Spring has finally come to Boston and although it still gets chilly at times, it feels wonderful compared to the snowy, cold, gray winter we just endured.

I had to make some returns at the mall in Cambridge today so I took advantage of the sunny day and walked across the Longfellow Bridge into Cambridge. It was a lovely walk despite the construction that seems to be everywhere (the only downside to warmer weather in the city) and the Charles looked so blue and beautiful under the sun!

Trees are blossoming, restaurants are setting up tables on the patios, and everyone seems happier. This summer will be enjoyed to the fullest by anyone who survived this winter!