Saturday, September 6, 2014

AJ Turns 24

AJ and I celebrated his birthday on Friday. He turned 24! He opened his card and gift in the morning while we ate blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. 

Celebrations really started that night! We tried a different restaurant in the North End that we'd never heard of before called La Summa. It was quieter because it's off the main drag. The prices were good, even better than most restaurants in the area, the setting was romantic, and the service was just right!

Not to mention the food. The food was delicious! We were hoping our expectations would be met and they definitely were! We couldn't stop talking about it. We started with their bruschetta which was prepared in a way I've never seen before. The slices of bread were big and thick with large chunks of tomato and mozzarella melted on top. For our entrees, AJ got the house special which included chicken, veal, sausage, peppers, and mushrooms served with homemade tagliatelle. The sauce it was cooked in was the best part! We both cleaned in his plate quickly and soaked up the left over sauce with fresh bread.

 I ordered the pollo limone which was a thick slice of lemon chicken with mozzarella, served with artichokes, spinach, and homemade spinach tagliatelle. It was just as good and such a big portion that i still have some in the fridge! We were very impressed by the food and the portion size, especially for the great price! I'm so glad AJ enjoyed in his birthday dinner, it would have been a bummer if the food and experience were bad!

After stopping off to buy a little bottle of limoncello, we came home to eat the birthday cake I made him the day before. It wasn't really a cake, but AJ loves magic bars, so I baked them for him in a round pan and cut it up like a cake. Magic bars are like 7 layer bars; the bottom is a layer of crushed graham crackers (or corn flakes) mixed with butter, than chopped walnuts, chocolate chips, coconut, all covered with condensed milk. It's his favorite treat—my grandmother makes them the best—so I thought it would be perfect for his birthday, even though it's not really a cake.

Oh, and I could only find pink candles.

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