Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Decorations

Well yesterday certainly did not feel like December! It hit 55 degrees, if not more, and the sky was clear during the day. I walked home from the gym in a T-shirt (although some people were still bundled up!) and then walked back to the gym because I forgot my keys on the elliptical.

Although warm weather is nice and makes me happy, it's disorienting to be so warm in December! I lived in Minnesota for a long time and we always got our first snowfall by Halloween. I'm used to December first looking like this:

I love to have a little snow fall on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, it doesn't feel like Christmas without it, so hopefully the forecast will show some snow soon! Either way, I'm definitely doing what I can to get in the Christmas spirit. Our teeny, artificial Charlie Brown tree is lit up and decorated, we put white lights around our window, and I have a few festive decorations on our mantle. I've watched a few Christmas movies so far (Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, part of Christmas Vacation, and part of Elf). Plus, all the wreaths and bows that are going up in the Common and on apartment buildings are really starting to make it feel like Christmas. The top photo is of the front doors of our building and I was so happy to find them decorated! Now we just need some snow to bring it all together.

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