Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day

When I checked the forecast on Sunday, I was pretty certain that today would turn in to a snow day. The city has been preparing for it and yesterday I got the email from school canceling my classes for today and AJ took today off at work (he'll work Saturday instead) so that he didn't have to worry about getting to work—public transportation isn't running today!

I've always loved snow and I love it more now that I live in New England, where you actually get snow days when the conditions are like this. In Minnesota, we would would get a few feet and still have to go to school! Snow days are the best. It's a day where you can stay inside and do nothing at all and not feel guilty about it, because it's what you're supposed to do!

So far our snow day has consisted of waking up at 6:30 (we're too used to our early wake up call to break it), making a whole 12 cup pot of coffee, and eating coconut-banana pancakes with agave and lots of fruit. I've also read a lot and expect that it's what I will do for most of the day!

If I get ambitious later, I'm thinking I'll bake oatmeal cookies. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sounds like the perfect snow day lunch to me so that will certainly happen at some point. I'm so lucky that AJ is able to stay home and be safe here with me. I don't think I'd be able to enjoy this comfy day if I were worrying about him getting to work and home in this blizzard. We're fortunate to have heat and power and plenty of food and I hope that everyone else is fairing just as well through this storm!

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