Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Literary Links

It's been quite sometime since I did one of these posts! I hope you enjoy this little collection of literary related posts!

Poe is back in Boston! The city in which he was born but came to hate and Boston kind of reciprocated that feeling. Read this article to understand what brought on these sentiments from one of America's greatest literary figures!

An article about what it means to be a young writer hits rather close to home. Reading this article felt so realistic, I couldn't wait until the end because I felt like it would tell me my future.  

Young female writers seem to be having a moment right now and I hope that moment turns into something much, much more. This article gives some advice as to how we can make sure that's the case.

Because I love Elena Ferrante and it is oh so rare when she actually gives a (written) interview.

Lauren Conrad's Fall reading list. I can't say they all interest me but I've been wanting to read Number 1 for a while now, Number 5 is one of my favorites and a book I think everyone should read, and Number 7 sounds really interesting especially because I love Revolutionary history—especially this time of year! What do you guys think about these choices?

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