Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Books

I love to read and I think it's so fun to read books that fit the season, holiday, month, and so on. I chose some books that would be fitting to read for the month of October. 

When I think of Fall I think of New England and when I think of New England, I think of Fall, so naturally my book picks reflect that bias. Fall in New England is beautiful and I always try to take full advantage of it because Autumn is so fleeting. I feel extra blessed this year to be living in Boston this Fall, it is one of the best places to experience a real New England Autumn.

 Reading books and stories that are reminiscent of the season makes me feel even more immersed in the magic of the fresh air, orange leaves, bright pumpkins, crisp apples, and spicy coffee and tea. I chose a few books that will suit all different readers and will definitely get you in the mood of October!

So the first- The Portable Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is a New Englander and therefore he makes the list. Also, a lot of his writing is spooky and perfect for the mood of October. The Raven is always a must read. And, this weekend a new statue of Poe is being revealed 5 minutes from my apartment! I'll be walking by it all the time this Fall. 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving I try to read every October. It gets you in the spirit and gives you a look back at colonial New York history. There’s also a Johnny Depp movie with the same title that’s worth a (creepy) watch. And the new show on Fox isn’t bad either! It took a really interesting spin on the original story and adds a lot of new layers to it. But of course, nothing beats the book! Also, it’s very short so if you’re crunched for reading for pleasure time, this Sleepy Hollow is a great choice.


Witch Hunt is a Young Adult novel but would be an interesting read for anyone. It’s a  creative perspective on the Salem witch trials that historical biographies don’t give. This is more of an entertaining read because it is fiction but it sticks with the facts and is historically accurate.


Mysteries and Legends of New England is like grown up scary stories for telling around the campfire with s’mores. Like I said, Fall and New England go hand in hand in my mind so spooky legends focused on New England are perfect for October. The stories aren’t really scary, just eerie enough to give you the chills!

October Dreams is a collection of short stories and essays about the month and Halloween, so of course it would a fun anthology to flip through and pick a story every so often throughout the month to keep the spirit alive. Reading them out loud to kids or friends in front of the fire place would put you in the Halloween mood even more!

And the final book, Witch Hunt, is for those who are not as New England centric as me! This nonfiction book focuses on the history of witch hunts throughout Europe even before the witch trials in Salem! People in the United States, myself included, might not have ever learned too much about this part of Europe’s history but it is ver interesting indeed! If you’re already a Salem witch trial buff, don’t care for spooky stories or New England, this is for you!

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