Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back to Blogging

This poor blog, always getting neglected. I don't know how that happens but it seems to be happening once a month lately. I'll attribute it to homework and work work and general upkeep life seems to throw at you unexpectedly. 

But things are. Things are great. AJ and I are happily moved into our new apartment. We have a good bit of furniture but part of our home is still a bit under furnished. We have what we need, though, and it's so fun having this cozy place to call ours. 

I went back to CT last weekend to bring back a few more of the many gifts we received so that we would have more than two plates and such and we have plans to go back again the first weekend of December. 

It's very foggy in Boston today, hence the above photo, and this foggy weather makes me feel foggy. And tired. I took a long nap yesterday, much longer than I had intended to take and it turned out being one of those naps that you wake up from realizing just how badly you needed that nap.

Anyway, this post is really just one to get my butt back to blogging. This all feels like filler but sometimes that's what you need to be able to get back into it. I've been reading a great book and I have plans to read some more good ones soon so I will do my best to get some posts about that! Plus, the holidays are coming and I'm sure I will have some great festivities to share!

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