Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reluctant Reviews

What's there to say when a book you read-hoping it will be brilliant-just disappoints? Falls flat?

I finished reading Blue Angel a few days ago, eager to be done. I read it because I have really enjoyed many of Francine Prose's writings in the past and that's probably the only reason I read the entire novel. The plot became too predictable and I don't feel like the story telling or the characters ever took off. They were stuck to the page and nothing and no one became real. Some of the words and language were superfluous, I found myself skimming paragraphs by the end. Not to mention, there was an alarming amount of typos and errors in the editing of the novel that added to my disappointment. It's not a book I would recommend and it does not seem like the work of an author as well-written, creative, and talented as Prose. 

Because I believe that Prose is one if the best authors of the American novel today, I am reading her newest novel next and will be sharing a post on that shortly! Happy weekend! 

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