Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Week of Cakes

My future mother-in-law is the queen of making cakes. She makes cakes for everyone and for every occasion. She made no less than 4 cakes for this week and they were all equally delicious. For some reason, a number of events feel into the same week, starting this past Sunday, and as a result we have been on cake overload. I've never eaten so much cake in such a short period of time.

But let's start from the beginning.

As you know, my graduation ceremony was on Sunday. I could only bring 5 people so my mom, godmother, grandmother, sister, and AJ sat outside, under the beautiful sky for over 3 hours to watch me get my degree. After, we headed to my favorite restaurant in Fairfield, Centro, where we met up with AJ's family for a delicious brunch. FYI, for anyone in the Fairfield County area, I highly suggest you go to Centro for brunch sometime. Instead of bread baskets, you get croissant baskets that are to die for. After brunch, we came back to my house and a few more family members came over for cake!
AJ's mom, Carmen, made me a two tier cake decorated with my school colors. Inside was a vanilla cake with cannoli like filling, except she used cream cheese, and ginormous chocolate chips. I still have the top tier waiting on my dining room table but I'm practicing self-control and not cutting it until I've gone another few days without cake.

The second cake we devoured in one night was for my mom's birthday on Tuesday. Carmen made her a chocolate cake that had Nutella and raspberry jam between each layer. She covered the outside of the cake with yellow fondant with blue details, my mom's favorite color combo. Everyone that was over that night shamelessly went back for a second slice before swallowing the last bite of their first piece.

And the final cake (of this week, anyway) was AJ's graduation cake at his grad party last night. It, too, was decorated with fondant for the graduation theme. It was similar to my mom's cake, with chocolate layers and Nutella and jam layered between the layers. As always, it was delicious and I even got to watch her make some of the white fondant the night before—it's a lot of work and a lot of powdered sugar! Now, hopefully, Carmen will get a little break from all her cake making (during the week, she also made a cake for her sister's birthday that I'm so bummed I didn't get to try! It was tres leches cake but chocolate!) and I'll begin my sugar withdrawal.

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