Friday, March 21, 2014

A New Adventure

It was well over a year ago that AJ took the above photo of the Boston skyline. We stood on the roof of The Lincolnshire apartment building, nestled at the flat of Beacon Hill between Charles and River Streets. It was a few days after Christmas 2012. It was freezing, the wind was blowing, and the mugs of hot tea that we clutched did little to warm us. But we were warmed, excuse the sappiness that is coming, by our thoughts of our future together.

“Do you want to live here someday?” I asked, tentative of his answer and my own.
“Yeah. That’d be really fun,” he answered, or something along those lines.

I pictured us in a cozy apartment. Me, attending grad school for creative writing and working on the side. Him, working as a PTA and maybe taking classes on the side. I pictured long walks down the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill in the Fall and walks along the Charles River in the Spring. Going to mass on Saturday nights at St. Leonard’s, followed by dinner in the North End and, once in a while, a Florentine cannoli with a cappuccino at Mike’s. My imaginings, while romantic and idealized, have always remained probable in my mind. Living in Boston with AJ has been a part of my daydreams for years now. I never knew for certain if it would happen, but I always hoped that one day we would do it. Little did I know, AJ had been making actual effort to make sure it happened.

A few months ago, maybe in October, AJ called me as I was pulling into work and told me that he had gotten his third internship placement for the year at an out patient facility in Boston. He’d been working with his professor all along to secure this internship, hoping to surprise me. And surprised I was! The timing was perfect;  his internship would start in the end of March and I had just found out that I would graduate in January leaving my Spring semester open and my final day at my internship was forecasted to be March 20th, days before AJ’s new one would begin.

After a few conflicts, a cancellation, an engagement, a new contract, and a final signature we are moving to Boston tomorrow. My daydreams have come true and our conversation on the roof that night has been fulfilled. AJ’s internship will last 6-7 weeks, after which time we will come back to Connecticut with the intention of returning to Boston in the Fall…pending grad school acceptances or rejections. I am hoping to write, a lot, while we’re there. I am hoping to soak in as much Boston greatness as possible, too! I feel so fortunate that we have been given this opportunity. This is something that we talked about together and thought about independently. The fact that we are able to do this says leaps and bounds about what people can achieve when they really want something and really try hard to make it happen. I am beyond excited to have this little adventure with the man I love and I am very excited to continue to blog from Boston! 

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