Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Journal Prompt #1

In a post about journaling from last week, I promised to post a journal prompt to guide those hoping to get started or get inspired for their personal writings. I think that Sundays are a great day for writing. It's a calm day, for most, and it's a day where you can carve out a chunk of time dedicated to yourself. This is a perfect time to write, to get out the thoughts and feelings that have been cluttering your brain all week. Then you will be able to start afresh on Monday with a clear mind and the satisfaction that writing gives. 

For Journal Prompt #1, I want you to do just that. Reflect on the past week. What was your favorite moment of the week and why? How were you feeling in that moment? Was there a particularly difficult obstacle or conflict that you endured? Was there anything that you had been worried about, but it turned out you didn't really need to be so stressed? Happens to me all the time! Finally, was there a time this week that you were able to slow down and take in the small joys of life: the nice weather, a good book, a moment with loved ones? Write about these moments and reflect on how they affect your life! If you're comfortable with sharing, leave a comment! 

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