Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shakespeare Saturdays: L'estatua di Giulietta

Photo by Flickr user SteFou!

This statue of Shakespeare's famed Juliet has stood in the courtyard of Juliet's House in Verona, Italy since the 70's. I first read about her in the book, Letters to Juliet, which inspired the movie of the same name starring Amanda Seyfried. But this Juliet is getting a new home.  
The statue's breast is often touched by tourists which has caused damage over the years. 
My sister's good friend, Sarah Scheffer, recently wrote an article on this statue for PBS. She discusses how the statue's breast is often touched by tourists which has caused damage over the years. In order to preserve it, the statue has been moved to a museum where it can be restored and protected from wandering hands. 
I love the idea that tourists, love-seekers, and hopeless romantics can visit the supposed House of Juliet. You can leave her notes, stand at her balcony, and view her supposed tomb. You can even mail her letters if you can't catch a flight to Italy! (You can mail letters to this address: Club di Giulietta via Galilei 3 - 37133 Verona ITALY).  It's all very romantic and I would LOVE to go to Verona one day, and maybe even leave a letter for the eternal and loving Juliet. 

Shakespeare's immortalized character is one of the most famous names in literature and emotions of love, sadness, and bravery are conjured upon hearing her name. It is only fitting that she be remembered with a statue and a courtyard for many to honor her. 

You can read more about Juliet's statue here!

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