Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Stress and Should There Be Such a Thing?

Thankfully, my wedding planning has been pretty stress-free so far. This is largely in part to my Mom, who is the most amazing and helpful woman on this planet. She kindly, but not in a controlling way, took the reigns a few weeks after we got engaged and began looking for a venue, photographer, and florist—all the basics. She didn’t pick anything, but she wanted to give me options and guide me towards what needed to be planned and when. I honestly could not plan our wedding without her! I’d end up at the end of the aisle in a nightgown with fake flowers and no bridesmaids. Again, THANKFULLY, I have her. The other day, when our Save The Dates arrived, she addressed them ALL. I had barely even realized they got here!

Another reason that there has been little stress is that neither AJ nor myself view our wedding as MINE or HIS. It’s OURS. We both want the other to be happy with all aspects of the planning. If he feels strongly about something, I go with it. It goes both ways. This has made it much easier when making decisions.
I did have my first little bout of wedding related stress, regarding the amount of guests we can have. It was NOT fun but thankfully it did not last too long. I was thinking and stressing for most of the workday yesterday and as I sat at my desk, I realized how many different movie scenes in romantic comedies depict a similar scene. And that made me come to an epiphany: How can I be upset about something like this? I’m planning a wedding in which I will marry the love of my life and I’m going to let this little, tiny detail get me upset for even one minute of this fun, exciting, and short experience of being engaged? I don’t think so. So I stopped worrying. Every time a negative thought came into my head, making my heart rate rise, I reminded myself how petty I was being. Here I am, lucky enough to have found my soul mate and to be marrying him, and I am moping.

So from here on out, no more stress! Weddings are happy and amazing and should only be surrounded with happiness. Regardless of who’s there, what kind of flowers we have, and what music plays, in a few short months AJ and I will be getting married. The details are just details, they do not determine the fact that we will be joined together forever. In 50 years, we’ll remember our I do’s and the butterflies in our stomachs we had that day, but we won’t remember the details. I don’t want to waste a minute of this experience on frivolous worries. 

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