Monday, March 24, 2014

An Update from Boston

We made it here Saturday afternoon after only a short struggle of trying to fit everything and everyone into the car. We then only had to make two trips from the car up to the apartment with all of our baggage. A little background info: my mom owns some properties in Boston that she rents out. The apartment we're staying in is one of hers that she leaves open and furnished so that friends, family, and herself, of course, have a little place to stay when visiting Boston. My family loves this area and we have some strong ties here—I was born in a town 20 minutes north of Boston! We did some reorganizing and cleaning out to make a littler more space for AJ and me and then grabbed a some quick take out from a cafe up the street (we ordered one sandwich, and when we got back home we found that they had given us two!). 

After a 20 minute nap, AJ and I headed to the North End for 5 o' clock mass and on the way home we stopped at Upper Crust on Charles Street to grab some pizza for us and my mom. Pizza, wine, and Dateline was our Saturday night. 

Yesterday, AJ and I made the trek to the South End where he'll be working the few weeks we're here. We took the T and then walked but the T to the bus would've been faster. Still, I don't know the South End well at all so it was fun to explore a new area! 

Some cousins are staying with us this week for their own vacation, but by the weekend it will be back to unpacking and finding room for all of our things! Stay posted for more fun from Boston and have a happy Monday!

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