Monday, April 7, 2014

A Perfect Sunday

Yesterday was the first day since we've been in Boston that it really felt like Spring. We took advantage of it and spent most of the day outside. We had a nice, relaxing breakfast before heading down Charles Street to Cambridge Street to go to Mass at a church called St. Joseph's. We had never been there before but they asked us to carry the gifts down to the altar. It's a beautiful church and AJ and I decided that it was one of the best homilies we had heard in a while.

Last week, AJ ordered some clothes but they needed to be returned and the closest place to do that was at a mall in Cambridge. Since it was a gorgeous day out, we decided we'd walk across the Longfellow Bridge, which takes you over the Charles River, and drops you on the other side. The wall was beautiful and it took less than 30 minutes. The bridge is undergoing construction right now but the walking path is still open. The bridge is named after Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his famous poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, is painted onto the sidewalk.

Once we got back to our apartment, I made a quick stir fry with some of the veggies we picked up at Haymarket on Saturday. After AJ watched a few soccer games, I started to get restless to we put a load of laundry in the wash and went for a walk through the Common and part way up Charles Street until the wash was ready. It was around 7 o' clock but it was still pretty warm and bright outside. Everyone was out with their dogs and kids, throwing a frisbee, playing baseball, or sitting in groups along the hill.  Once we came back inside, we finished watching the second half of American Hustle, because it's taken us this long to actually see the movie.

Tonight, AJ and I will be heading to Fenway to watch the Red Sox! And hopefully they'll win!
Happy Monday, everyone! Have a great week!

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