Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why Sex and the City Inspires Me to Write

I'm not really into the Sex and the City TV show, in fact I think I saw the movies before I even watched the show. But then it came to E! and I've started to watch it more when I'm on the treadmill or when I just want to veg out. It's not my favorite show but it is inspiring in a weird way.

Sex and the City started out as a little column, that was then turned into an anthology of essays, then a TV show, and then two movies. And it all started with Candace Bushnell, the writer who now has many other titles added to her list of publications, 7 works of fiction in total.

The reason I find this show inspiring is because it allows you to see where a career can take you. Bushnell's book, something that only existed in her mind at one point, has expanded into multiple forms of media. Her creative product has reached millions of people which, I think, is the goal of many writers.

The TV show is a manifestation of the possibilities, of what you can achieve if you work hard, even if you work in a craft that is often fruitless as far as recognition and income is concerned. I won't get into the specifics of Bushnell's monetary success—which is undoubtedly enviable—although, the production of the TV show and movies gave her the financial freedom to write other novels, which is another dream of many writers.

Every time I see Sex and the City, I think of Bushnell and I think of the articles I've read about her. She lives in Connecticut and continues to write. She's living my dream, people. And she's given me an excuse to watch SATC marathons on E! I'm searching for inspiration...

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