Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today's Work Station: Thinking Cup Coffee Bar on Tremont St.

Every so often, I need a change of scenery to reboot and stimulate my mind. I heard about this coffee shop a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. There are two locations in Boston; one is in the North End on Hanover Street and the other one, pictured above, is on Tremont Street across from the Common. A third location will be opening on Newbury Street soon. 

I was concerned about having a place to sit and do work because the Thinking Cup is located near Emerson College and Suffolk University so I imagined a lot of students would be in and it. It was pretty crowded but I ended up getting a stool at the window bar and it was nice being able to people watch and look into the Common. 

The baristas and cashier were very nice, friendly, and helpful. They seemed happy to be working and liked being around the customers. The pastries in the displays looked delicious and so tempting, I saw several people chowing down on almond croissants and chocolate pastries. My stomach is grumbling thinking about it. They also have bagels, sandwiches, and everything else you could want to eat. They have a variety of coffee drinks and they do great coffee art! I resisted all the sweet treats, which is not easy! I only ordered a cup of coffee, black, but I think that is usually the best test of a coffee shop's quality. A black coffee has to taste good, there are no flavors or syrups or add ins that can mask poor flavor and their coffee was delicious! Next time I go back I may splurge on a flavored latté and scone or muffin. Or bagel. Or sandwich. So many options! 

It was a nice place to work but as it got more crowded it became a little too busy. I tried to wait it out but it seriously never died down or got quieter, which is a great sign for the Thinking Cup! It's clear they have regulars and that people love this shop. Now I'm one of them. The location is convenient and I'll check out the North End locations soon, too, because that is my favorite part of Boston. It was a great way to get me writing without any distractions and I got quite a lot of work done on a piece of fiction I've been working on. I will definitely be going back! 

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