Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Rain

I remember when I was beginning the process of applying to colleges over five years ago now. When I went on school tours, one piece of advice a lot of people have me was to make sure that I would still like the campus even in the rain. It seemed like a petty thought, I was looking for a school not scenery. But those Fall and Spring days that are the best for campus visits are deceptive. Rainy, dreary days are abundant and they are made even worse when you're homesick, tired, and stuck in a dorm room piled with assignments. 

I'm not sure if the school I ended up choosing was picturesque in the rain, but I know that where I am now is just as beautiful on these dreary days as it is in the middle of June. The rain drops hitting the flat black roof tops, the shiny slick on the brick sidewalks, and the colorful umbrellas passing below the window are beautiful and are distracting me from my book. I'd rather lean over the chair and stare down onto Charles Street at the children jumping over puddles and the small rivers running into the sewer grates. 

So it certainly seems that liking your location even on the rainiest of days really is important. Maybe it's not essential, but it could change your mood for that day. And when I look out the window at this city drenched in rain, it makes me feel happy and so cozy. And so at home. 

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