Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here Lately

I've been slacking over here in blog world but I haven't really felt the great urge to write about my trip to spend the weekend with my sis in New York, probably because the task feels very daunting. We did so much and took so many photos that I know the post will be a job. But I will do it. Soon. At some point.

Until then, here are a few things that have been going on.

From Friday to Monday, I acquired so many new books, which is perfect considering I was already having difficulty deciding which books to bring to Boston. I could probably dedicate an entire post to all my new books. I think I might.

As of yesterday, we are only two months out from the Cabrera-Gabriel wedding!

Also, as of the day before yesterday, we were two weeks out from moving to Boston! Have we started packing yet? Of course not!

My mom and I got to hangout with AJ's family and his relatives visiting from Peru. They all loved each other and shared stories in English and Spanish and I got a round of applause for speaking my first full sentence in Spanish to AJ's grandmother.

I decided to stop reading Bellefleur. I'm on a roll of not finishing books lately, but like I said, I have so many books to read and this one was not getting me excited enough to pick it up. I'm on to others.

I feel like it would be wrong not to mention Robin Williams. His death is devastating. All I want to do is reach out to his family, his kids especially, but that's impossible and probably wouldn't do much anyway. I can't imagine what they are going through, and I can't imagine what he was going through in the moments before his death but I feel it's important to say that depression is an illness and like any illness it requires medical attention. I wish it was not a stigma to seek therapy or medication because it actually takes a lot of strength and bravery to accept help. But for those who need it, I hope you seek it. And now all I want to do is watch Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin.

Sorry for my absence around these parts lately, but make sure to keep your eyes open for posts about books and New York City!

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