Friday, August 1, 2014

Coming Up This Weekend

  • Seeing my sister. My sister, Marina, has been in Cairo for the last month visiting her boyfriend. We've seen each other on Skype a few times and she's been back in the country since Monday but has been working in the city so we haven't seen her yet. But tonight, I'll finally get to see her again in person!
  • Farmers Market! Each time I go to a Farmers Market, I see something that I want to go back for the following week. New Canaan has a market every Saturday and I'm hoping the stormy weather will hold out so I can go grab some healthy goodies!
  • Dateline. That's a given for Friday and Saturday night. 
  • Spend time with AJ. He had a really, really overly busy and tiring week at work so there will be a lot of time spent relaxing and decompressing this weekend. 
  • Zumba Toning on Saturday morning. I love all Zumba classes at the studio I go to, but Saturday morning Zumba usually feels like the toughest workout of all. There's still cardio in it, but this instructor seems to focus on strength training much more and I need that!
  • Hearing stories. I mentioned last week that some of AJ's family is visiting from Peru and this weekend they are going to D.C. They'll be back Sunday night and I'm looking forward to hearing about their trip!
What are you looking forward to this weekend? Happy August!

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