Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Back...In Boston!

I haven't been able to blog in the longest time! I've missed it! But I think I have a decent reason for being so preoccupied. AJ and I moved back to Boston! Just yesterday in fact, but the last two weeks or so were dedicated to packing, squeezing in wedding planning, and tying up any loose ends before leaving the great state of Connecticut (we already have plans to go back in two and a half weeks, but still)!

So I've been a little distracted and a lot busy lately. We arrived in Boston yesterday afternoon after packing my Jeep to the brim with suitcases and bags. There are so many things we want to bring so that we actually feel settled and like we're living here full time but a car can only handle so much at a time. Luckily for us, our families plan on visiting and will be able to bring us more stuff and we'll pack up some more things when we go back in September for a long weekend.

Once we got here, my mom and I started organizing and making more space while AJ ran to the market across the street for sandwiches. We ate a quick lunch and as soon as we were done, the unpacking began! Surprisingly, we unpacked all our bags in just a few hours! I think we did it so quickly this time because we had a plan, unlike last time. We brought some things down to the storage container in the building's basement—such a luxury for us—and then napped for maybe 2 hours. We had a late dinner of delicious pizza from Upper Crust (which is right in our building!) with red wine before calling it a night.

And we've gotten a lot done today, too! First thing this morning, AJ headed to the gym to set up a membership and then ran to CVS for some things we desperately needed, like toilet paper. I have to get some blood work done—boo—before school starts so when AJ got home, we went down to the health center to set that up. Then we walked to Marshall's to get hair clippers for AJ and a tooth brush holder for the bathroom but I couldn't leave without getting a pumpkin scented candle. Fall is coming!

We came home, dropped everything off, and then headed back to the market for a sandwich. We walked across the footbridge to the Charles River Esplanade and shared our sandwich while sitting on the water. It is a beautiful, hot summer day out there!

Now, we're resting inside. There's a game AJ wants to watch at 3 and there's some reading and writing I want to get caught up on. Later this afternoon we'll go to the gym to get a workout in and then we'll have pasta for dinner—because we really have no food in our pantry at this point. A trip to Trader Joe's tomorrow will certainly change that!

I have a lot of posts planned for the blog coming up, including one about my surprise bridal shower last week and more books posts about what I'm reading and what I've bought. At some point I will also do a little apartment tour and I'm sure Boston posts will be plentiful very soon!

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