Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Some Thoughts for Tuesday

August is already going by just as quickly as June and July did! To make matters crazier, AJ and I only have 3 weeks left in CT before moving on up to Boston. Time flies, right?

Some early bridal shower presents are starting to pop up at the front door. I keep telling myself to wait for AJ to open them but that only lasts a few minutes. Luckily, he doesn't mind because he knows how I am with surprises and presents.

Speaking of the groom, we got to try on our wedding bands last night! My future in laws offered to get us wedding bands from Peru and AJ's grandmother brought them with her when she arrived last week. They are both beautiful, yellow gold bands that are engraved. Mine has AJ's first and middle names along with our wedding date. His has my first and middle names and date, too. The gold in Peru is different, it's 18K rather than 14, so the color is different and so pretty! I like that my band is the same color and from the same place as AJ's mother, aunts, and grandmothers. I'll be like all the other Mrs. Cabreras before me!

My sister came home from NYC this weekend, she had been in Egypt forever. It was so nice seeing her and spending time with her. Next weekend I'm going to stay with her in the city.

We celebrated my grandfather's 85th birthday with pizza and trifle made by my grandmother. I've never tasted her trifle even though she makes if often—the combo of weird ingredients and textures always turned me off but I tried it this time and it was pretty good!

My amazing godmother, Net-net, spent the majority of the weekend at our dining room table, addressing our wedding invitations in her perfect script. She was loving it and is so meticulous about every letter, number, and punctuation. I'm so lucky to be having so much help from family members with all the wedding plans, it makes everything a bit more meaningful!

Babysitting got messy today. We constructed and painted a doll house for the girls' Barbies and now my arms are dotted with white and blue paint.

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