Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This is the man who just got a job offer as a PTA! And on his very first try! Remember when I said that he went off on an adventure Friday? Well, now I can tell you that he was driving up to South Boston for a job interview. He had been contacted by Kindred Healthcare after he began the application process and they asked him to go up for an interview asap. So he did and it, obviously, went very well!

Come September, he will be working at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Harborlights in South Boston, right near the beach! AJ and I have talked about living in Boston since very early on in our relationship, and it's crazy to think that our plans and hopes for that dream are coming true!

I'll be going to the grad school I had always hoped to attend and he will be working the job he loves in a facility that is perfect for his career plans. We feel so extremely blessed and are so humbled by the fact that what we have worked toward is being realized.

I am so proud of all his hard work and persistence. He deserves the world and I am so glad that he is getting it!

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