Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Literary Links

Ever wondered what your favorite author's signature looked like? Thanks to Buzzfeed, now we know! Check out these famous authors' famous signatures. They are all far more legible than I would have imagined!

An interview with CJ Hauser about her debut novel, The From-Aways. A perfect book for summer, especially for those who vacation in a small town every year or for those who inhabit that small vacation town all year. The book focuses on friendships, family relationships, and small town qualities.

This is neither an article or anything new, but I think readers and writers alike will enjoy this link! I found my way to Marisha Pessl's website to see if she has any new books in the works (I wrote about her first novel here) and found something better! Pessl allows readers to send her questions about her writing, inspiration, and anything else you want. She posts the questions and her responses on her website. Why don't all authors do this? I love things like this!

In my opinion, nothing is better than getting advice straight from writers themselves. Here are a collection of authors doling out their best writing advice! I will definitely bookmark this for the future.

I read this review of Cristina Henriquez's newest book on Saturday in the New York Times and immediately placed is at the top of my to read list. I think it is brilliant that she is using her skills as a writer to bring a contemporary, political issue to a wider audience through a creative medium.

While wasting time at my old internship one day, I came across Emily Gould and was captivated. Her first novel is forthcoming and her wit and personality are enough to make it a bestseller. Check out this review and see if it interests you! It will definitely be a book that characterizes Millenials.

Lastly, since we already talked about the best books of the year so far, here are the books that are most anticipated for the next half of the year.

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