Monday, July 14, 2014

What to Read Next?

I finished The Bell Jar and then shortly after that I picked up and finished Trains and Lovers. Now I'm faced with the difficult but so enjoyable decision of what to read next. I'm trying to decide between Jane Eyre, Bellefleur, and The Years. I haven't read Jane Eyre in a few years and I've been wanting to read it again for a while now, but I feel like books I've never read take precedence. There's only so much time to read!

Bellefleur is by Joyce Carol Oates, an amazing writer that everyone should look into if you really want to read great work. I've had this book waiting for me since Christmas!

And The Years, by Virginia Woolf, is one I picked up at a used bookstore for a few dollars when we were in Boston and it's been on my mind since.

All three of the books are a bit long—Bellefleur is over 700 pages—and all of them are probably better suited to be read in the fall or winter rather than summer. But the last two books I read were short and quick so I think it's time I delve back into one that is going to take more time.

I'm leaning towards Bellefleur right now. What do you think? Any suggestions out there?

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