Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend was busier than most and that has left me with no scheduled posts for this week! But no worries. This way I'll be certain to write a bit each day. Plus, the weekend was well worth it!

On Thursday evening, AJ and I headed to the facility where our reception will be held to do a tasting for the menu. We tried a huge variety of hors d'oeuvres, a pasta dish, some appetizers, three entrees, a few wines, and we ended the meal with some desserts and espressos. The food was so delicious and we went a little crazy—our waiter and the general manager kept saying, "You guys are good eaters." You put good Italian food in front of us, it will be eaten. Sorry! Anyway, we both feel confident that if everything else at our wedding goes wrong, at least the food will leave everyone full and happy.

Friday I spent the holiday with AJ and our cousins having a cook out. It was fun, a little messy and rainy, but it was the exact way I like to spend the holidays, with family.

Saturday morning, AJ and I drove to New Canaan and picked up lunch and iced coffees for ourselves and my grandmother, a thank you for watching my little dog over night. We had lunch at my grandmother's house, stole some of her fresh figs, and brought my dog, Tessi, back home. We watched a little soccer before heading to 4 o' clock mass and then came back home where AJ studied a bit and then we watched Dateline, our typical weekend night!

Sunday was a relaxing day. I had a nice, long workout on the treadmill while watching trashy TV because that's the only way to do cardio. In the evening, my mom, my godmother, AJ, and myself picked up salads and drove to the beach and ate dinner and drank wine while sitting in the sand. The waves were pretty big for the Long Island Sound because of the weekend storms and the beach was packed with people who were still enjoying the end of the holiday weekend. Having dinner at the beach is such a treat! It really makes it feel like summer and I'm going to try to keep doing it as often as possible before this beautiful season starts to fade.

Like I said, this week I'm a bit on the thin side for posts but make sure to check back! I have some posts about author interviews planned!

Happy Monday, all!

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! And I've been known to go over an hour on the treadmill while watching "Love It or List It."