Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Night We Saw Queen

Insane, right? That's all I keep saying about the Queen + Adam Lambert concert I went to Thursday night. I can't stop talking about it!

AJ bought the tickets a few months ago and we had been wanting to see the show for a long time before that, but in the days leading up to it I was getting nervous to go. AJ and I both had to work Thursday and he would be rushing back home from Greenwich, showering, changing, and then rushing over here to meet me for the last train that would get us to Madison Square Garden on time. Happily, it worked out and AJ got here even earlier than expected so we didn't have to rush to the train!

We did, however, speed walk to Madison Square Garden from Grand Central because if you ever go to New York with AJ, you will be walking. There is no such thing as the subway to him.

We got to MSG and found our seats quickly. We had bar stool seats so we were up in the back but we had a good view of the whole stage and we had freedom to move around, dance, and get out of our seats without bothering people around us. Plus, we were five feet away from a concession stand and a bar so naturally we had to get a MSG box of popcorn and pour peanut M&Ms in it.

Of course, the music was amazing. Adam Lambert was born for this job and watching Brian May on the guitar is unreal. There were touching moments, too. Brian May sang Love of my Life and spoke about how he used to do it as a duet with Freddie Mercury and during the song they brought up footage of Freddie singing it, so it was like they were singing it together again. They also brought up video of Freddie during Bohemian Rhapsody.

There are so many Queen songs and they did a good variety of them, but as we were walking out people were complaining about some songs they had left out. But who cares? It's Queen!

After the show we rushed back to Grand Central to make the 11:30 train so we didn't have to wait until 12:30 to head home. We made it, fell asleep on the train, and woke up in time to get off at our stop. I'm so happy we got to see that concert. It was amazing and I doubt I'll see a show of such great magnitude any time soon!.

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