Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Ode to My Blender

I have been blender-cursed for years. I really only use blenders to make smoothies and it's nothing fancy. I don't grind nuts for homemade almond milk. I don't puree anything or find the need to pulse anything until it is just the right amount of coarse. I just want to blend up my frozen fruit with spinach, almond milk, and green tea. And maybe the occasional ice cube. However, my blenders can never handle even that! I have to shake the jar to try to get the ingredients in the right position to blend, I shove a wooden spoon in there to free up the blades, I push mix then chop then liquify and nothing happens! Occasionally, smoke will rise from the base in a threatening protest of my desired breakfast smoothie. It typically takes me 20-30 minutes to make a smoothie and even then it's took thick to drink easily. Once, I tipped back my glass of green smoothie and the whole thing came out at once in a big plop on my face and shirt. Bad way to start the day.

So why did I never buy a new one? Because I know nothing about different types, brand, and models of blenders. I could go drop 70 bucks on a new blender and have the same issue. Yes, the Vitamix is a blending miracle but I do not want to spend over $500 on a kitchen appliance.

After trying to make two smoothies for my sister and myself the other day, which took about an hour overall, my mom convinced me to just go buy a new one, gosh darn it! So to Kohl's we went. I found a brand the sounded familiar at a really reasonable price ($40!) and I happily came home to test it out. And, oh, how happy it has made me!

It blends frozen kale like it's nothing! It turns the contents of the entire jar to the same consistency that can be easily sucked up through the straw of my tumbler. And the whole process takes less than five minutes. It's so easy! And it's incredible, and maybe a little frightening, how happy a good blender makes me.

So this morning, I treated myself to a smoothie made of frozen kale, frozen strawberries, frozen mango, green tea, almond milk, and spinach.

This is the finished product.

I like to have more than just a smoothie for breakfast so today I had it along with a tiny piece of toast with Trader Joe's almond butter and some Chia seeds. Toast and coffee are delicious together, coffee  and smoothie not so much but it's a delicious breakfast. 

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