Monday, June 9, 2014

My Happy Place

Every year we come to Cape Cod, to Chatham, specifically. Every year I say, I wish I could live here everyday. The days here are perfection.

I wake up early and look at the ocean from my bedroom window before I come outside to the front deck. Here we have Dunkin Donuts iced coffee every morning while we soak in the early morning sun. This morning it was sunny but breezy enough that I needed a sweatshirt. 

For lunch, we make cold cut sandwiches and eat them on the deck, too, with Cape Cod potato chips and bread and butter pickles. Homemade fruit salad is always sitting in the fridge. Whole days can be spent laying in the sun on the deck, like yesterday was. Or they can be spent walking down Main Street in town, window shopping or grabbing a piece of chocolate or fudge at Chatham Candy Manor. Dinners are made up of seafood and fresh vegetables. Dessert is usually fruit and maybe an ice cream cone once or twice. 

Walks on the beach, in the burning sand, are a necessity and a way of life. Bunnies running into the manicured hedges are commonplace but always exciting. There's time to read in peace. There's no better place to read and there's no better place to be. 

But if I lived here year round, I wonder if some of the magic would fade. It's my happy place one week out of the year and I am able to keep any unwanted baggage from joining me in this trip. But after a few weeks here, the realities of everyday life would set it and while the beach is probably the best place to deal with life's truths, I'm content with this being my paradise. 

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