Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Work Station at Home

A few weeks ago, I wrote about forming writing habits and the different types of work stations that people use. Since I am home in Connecticut for the summer, I am back to using my desk in my bedroom for most writing tasks.

My desk really only functions as a surface because it has no drawers and is an open top desk but I never open it—my room is kinda crowded so the less space it takes up, the better! My desk always looks the same. I keep my laptop in or on it's case. I keep at least one or two notebooks where I plan out writing schedules or daily tasks. My purple day calendar, a cup of coffee, a glass of water, pens and pencils, and the book A Reader's Book of Days by Tom Nissley are always at hand.

It's a crowded space and I can really only do one thing at a time, which might be a good thing. When I work here, I turn off the over head light in my room and use a standing lamp. The area is kind of dark but I prefer this kind of lighting than the bright over head. In the summer, I'll open one of my bedroom windows to get a light breeze. It also helps me feel less guilty about being closed up in my bedroom on a beautiful summer day like today!

While I feel comfortable writing here, facing my wall, I do hope to get myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing. In the post I mentioned above, I wrote about an author who can write anywhere and anytime. I feel like I struggle with that. I can't write from a couch because it feels too casual and unfocused. I get distracted if I'm writing in the same room where people are doing other things. If I don't start writing in the morning, I feel like I can't get into the groove later in the day.

Some writers are similar to me in that they have a specific schedule and setting for writing because their lifestyle is conducive to that and that is great! I would like to be able to adapt to any setting and be able to crank out words regardless of time and place because I feel like that would be better for my lifestyle. I live in a sometimes crazy household; I live with my wonderful mother, my jokester grandfather, and a few pets. My sisters are in and out from their own nearby apartments and cousins stop by because we have a very open door policy! That's why I feel I need to adapt to anything. I'm far from an established writer and I can't be picky about how and when I write. I just need to write!

What do you guys think? Can you write anywhere or do you need certain things to fall into place? Any tips for learning to write anywhere?

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