Sunday, June 1, 2014

June + Some Thoughts

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It's the first day of June and I wanted to write a post about this new, fresh month that has yet to be filled up. The days will go by fast, just like April and May seemed to end before I got a firm grasp on the month. June is a good month; it contains the first day of real summer, even though the entire month feels like every other summer day.

It is also the only month of summer that does not really feel like it's a last dash to spend every day soaking up the sun and filling up free time with warm-weather activities because Fall is coming soon. No, June is the beginning of summer. It's a month in which you can enjoyably luxuriate in the hot days and dry heat. It's relaxing and slow, at least that's how it feels to me.

While I usually try to fill each month and week to the brim with productivity, I want to relish this month. Yes, I still want to be productive as I hate feeling like I wasted time, but perhaps I will be less worried about time wasted and more worried about time enjoyed.

Even if I'm feeling particularly lazy one afternoon, rather than sit on the couch in front of a television which I am not even giving much attention to,  I will sit outside on the deck either reading or just thinking and enjoying.

I will try to go to the beach often and I will try to spend an abundant amount of time with family.

I will eat fresh foods that one can not get outside of these Spring and Summer months.

I will keep writing: on my blog, in my journal, in notebooks, in Word Documents, and in text messages to loved ones.

I'll look at flowers and learn their names and origins.

I will listen to the birds' songs and try to differentiate the species.

I'll go to the Wednesday night concerts at the beach.

I'll stay busy, but I will be busy with things that are self-improving and positive. I will be busy with things that are filled with loved and thanksgiving and suddenly this post is turning religious. But I can't help but see God and His love in these Summer months. They are so filled with beauty, happiness, and perfection. I won't worry about how quickly these days go by and how one day Summer will be ending even though it feels like it's hardly started. I will just enjoy the day as it comes and goes, from sunrise to sunset.

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