Saturday, June 14, 2014

The World Cup and Us

AJ and I started dating towards the end of the last World Cup so with the start of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, it kind of marked a milestone in our relationship. 

However, that wonderment was short-lived as a few weeks ago AJ told me we might not be seeing each other for awhile once the games began. I am the fiancĂ©e of an avid soccer fan and that means I too must partake in game watching. Earlier in our relationship, I tried harder. Many times I sat down on the couch with him as Manchester United players took the field. I sat there and pretended to know that the goal didn't count because Rooney was off side, but I still have no clue what off side means and I don't think anyone really does! 

No matter the effort and well-meaning attempts I made at watching a full game, I always fell asleep by half time without fail. I stopped pretending to enjoy watching and I started bringing a book when I knew a game would be on. 

But now, we are in World Cup season and this means too many games to keep track of are stealing AJ's attention. There is always a game on, it would stress me out to try to keep track of what games to watch and who is winning. Yes, I will miss AJ these next few weeks, but I'm content in knowing that this only comes every four years. And, even if it's short-lived, the FIFA World Cup will always be a nostalgic marker and memory in our relationship. 

The above and below photos are of AJ intently watching the England Italy game this evening, as I talk at him. 

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