Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning Musings

It's Sunday morning, and I could use one of these right now. The delicious coffee pictured above is called A Cold Roman, and I got one with my sister at the New Canaan Farmer's Market yesterday. It was delicious! It's cold espresso with whipped half & half which somehow makes it so much sweeter! I wish it came in a bigger cup! 

I'm very tired and a bit bummed this morning. AJ and I had dinner plans with our friends last night and, while it was so great to hang out with them and we had great discussions, the experience at the restaurant was awful. Service was terribly slow, food and drinks were sub par, and the owner did not want to honor the Groupon we bought last week because they had just changed the name of the was really bad business and put a damper on the whole night. It stinks when you just want to have a fun Saturday night out with friends (which we don't really do that often) and the restaurant kind of ruins it. Needless to say, we will not be returning to that place and we will try to stick to the restaurants we've had good experiences with. 

But the night was not a total loss. Like I said, we had great company and great conversation. And after dinner, two of my cousins came over for a sleepover! I haven't had a sleepover since high school and it was really fun to have a night to just hang out and talk with my cousins. One of them is in high school herself and the other is in college so it was fun to chat and see how we're all in different stages of life. I love having family that I can do that with and we talked until 3 am. I'm not used to staying up that late and my body clock wakes me up before 7 every morning so I'm sure I will crash for a nap later today, but it's so worth it to spend time with my lovely cousins! They're still asleep in my basement, actually. 

I'll be seeing more cousins later today at a graduation party and I'll keep today a little slow to just enjoy the sun and the nice weather. Sundays are the best and this sunshine makes it even better!

I hope you are all enjoying a happy weekend! Do you have any plans for this lovely day?

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