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Summer Reading List As Seen On Collective Lifestyle

Good morning everyone! This morning I am off to Bridgeport with AJ for our first Pre Cana marriage class. Class runs from 9-3 and then we are immediately getting in the Jeep and driving off to Cape Cod! 

I hope to keep blogging whenever I get the chance while we're in Chatham, but it's a relatively shorter trip this year so I hope to keep my days packed with fun things to do, like all the things I wrote about here!

I do have two scheduled Book Review posts that will go up while I'm in Chatham so keep an eye out for those! 

And in case that's not enough book talk for you, here's an article I wrote over at about books that everyone should check out this summer! For your reading pleasure, I've included the article below or you can read it at the original source here

That's all for now as I head out but I'll be in touch from Chatham!

Summer Reading List
Is there a better place to read than the beach on a nice summer’s day? If you’re looking to get a few good reads in this summer, check out the list below of six books that are sure to complement a day at the beach!

Euphoria by Lily King: Featured on’s Summer Reading Picks list, this novel centers on three anthropologists in the 1930s. The anthropologists are real people, but their lives and love stories are fictionalized as they travel together in Papua, New Guinea studying indigenous tribes. As with any juicy story, an unavoidable love triangle forms and jealousy, rivalry, and inspiration play big roles in this complex story. The rich prose invites readers to weave through the setting along with these impossibly interesting characters.

My Salinger Year by Joanna Rakoff: Since the death of reclusive author, J.D. Salinger, biographies and secrets about him have been coming forth in print and on the big screen. My only nonfiction pic on the list, this is a memoir about a young woman in the late nineties who is tasked with the responding of fan mail meant to reach the hands of Salinger himself. The young Rakoff uses Salinger’s voice to find her own, making this a truly unique story that is more influenced by Salinger than it is actually focused on his life. For this reason, you do not need to be a fan of his to enjoy this memoir, but a fan of letters, language, and the possibilities of one’s own voice.

Funny Once: Stories by Atonya Nelson: A collection of short stories is perfect for beach going because it allows you to start and stop reading with ease. This collection is comprised of nine stories and a novella that are delightfully captivating. Despite the deep emotions and personal issues the characters are faced with, Nelson’s wit and comedic streak offer lighter moments among the dark. Because of the depth of characters and plotlines, each reader will undoubtedly find a reflection of his or herself in these stories.

The Vacationers: A Novel by Emma Straub: The title alone qualifies this book as a must read for the summer. Set in the beautiful and ideal summer vacation destination of Mallorca, Spain, this book follows a family trip full of secrets, betrayals, and love. The matriarch, a writer, plans the trip for herself, her husband who recently had an affair, their adult son and his even older girlfriend, and their heartbroken teenage daughter. This is not the typical tale of a family vacation. The language and wit set this story apart and will have its readers brimming with the love that is infused into every page.

The One and Only by Emily Griffin: For those who are looking for a romantic story to keep them company this summer, this novel covers every type of human love possible. Set in a small town with small town themes and characters who have trouble leaving, this story is filled with nostalgia and familiarity. The relatable characters and excellent story telling set this novel apart from romance novels and make it a truly enjoyable and engrossing read. The emotions are tangible and familiar while the story is unique enough to be fully entertained.

The Lobster Kings: A Novel by Alexi Zentner: The dreamy setting of this novel is the first quality that will grab the reader’s attention. The second is the family history and family curse of the Kings, the fictitious family framed in this novel. Set on Loosewood Island, where the Kings family has lived for three hundred years, their many blessings are faulted by the family curse: the death of each firstborn son. Cordelia Kings is set to inherit it all but she must first salvage the lobster fishing town from wrongdoers while taming family rivalries. This novel has a mythical, fairytale feel but is filled with the realities of our world. 

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