Friday, June 6, 2014

Trader Joe's Fruit Bars

A few years ago I often found myself feeling yucky after eating. I realized that it typically happened after eating highly processed foods so I decided that I would cut back. I noticed a difference right away in how I felt. And if I started eating processed foods again, especially foods with added sugars, I would feel sick again. I've done pretty well at keeping my diet clean but when we were in Boston it became more difficult and I slipped a bit. Now that I'm home and it's summer and there's fresh fruit all the time, it's easier not to turn towards sugary snacks. But sometimes, I still need something else to fill a craving.

That's why I love when I find an alternative to a food I like that is usually processed. I came across a great new snack at Trader Joe's—where else? It was displayed in their new foods section, which I love checking out but I rarely buy products from there.

They're fruit bars that come in three different flavors: apple and banana, apple and mango, apple and coconut, and apple and strawberry. I'm typically skeptical of all bars in general because they tend to have added ingredients that I can't pronounce or too much sugar but when I checked the ingredients listed on the wrapper, I was so pleasantly surprised! They only have to ingredients! Just apples and bananas. Or apples and mangos. Apples and coconut. And Apples and strawberries.

That's extremely uncommon to find at least in my experience so I promptly bought 7 bars. They have a similar to texture to Larabars but they are thinner and smaller and the perfect size for a quick snack. They are 90 calories a bar. Depending on the flavor, they differ in grams of sugar from 11-20 which I know is a lot but I think the lack of extra ingredients makes up for that. Also, if you're vegan, so are the bars.

I love granola bars and fruit bars so this is a perfect, healthy choice for keeping a clean diet!

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